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Leucadia is a small neighborhood outside of San Diego, a beachside mecca where surfers, yogis, crystal shops and California mythology collide. It’s the place where singer-songwriter and producer Kelsey Bulkin grew up, and the title of her debut EP as a solo artist. The EP chronicles both her life in the small California town and her experiences since leaving it: the death of a close friend, break-ups, new love, motherhood, and meditations on life, death and spirituality. You can hear the landscape of Leucadia all over the EP’s five tracks — gusts of air and buzzing chords capture the feeling of sunlight sparkling over the bluffs, Bulkin describes her sound as surf r&b.

The end of Bulkin’s collaborative project Made In Heights in 2015 was the catalyst for a small but powerful revolution: after five years in the music industry and newly pregnant she decided to produce and release music under her own name. “I figured it was time to bet high on myself”, she says. “I also realized owning my work as a producer was about self confidence - to create from my heart on my own terms.” Bulkin began to record the EP at home while nursing her newborn and searching for inner peace within her new role. “Now that I have a child, I have a new purpose in the world. I am incorporating past and future. Leucadia felt like the word for beginning for birth. I'm just getting started."

released March 29, 2019
Leucadia EP Photography by Will Warasila
Leucadia EP Sticker by Luisa Lacsamana
Leucadia was written and produced by Kelsey Bulkin
Additional production by David Ansari
Mixed by Stephen Kaye
Mastered by Ruairi O'Flaherty